Our nature consists in movement, and we appreciate the time spent in recreation outside our homes more than ever before. While you are living a healthy life, the smart systems take care instead of you about the electricity, gas, light, dark, music, film, plants, even pets…

Using the invisible control of almost all active elements of your home, starting from consumption of energy-generating products to home appliances management, we make your home not only more comfortable, but safer and economical. However, we do not forget the simplicity of the system use. The management modules are defined in accordance with the “user friendly” principle, and the commands follow one after another almost intuitively.

The technological evolution dominates all aspects of our lives today, but its role is to serve us in a way and scope which is adjusted to the user who should feel safe and sovereign, as well as playful and comfortable at the same time. The advantage of the individually designed systems is the fact that they are adjusted to requirements and preferences of each individual user. Our task is to harmonise your needs with the technological possibilities and attainment. In that sense, we have selected a partner that is world’s number one, Creston company, a giant which has been producing smart home systems for more than 40 years. Because of their reliability and quality their systems are even used by NASA. Our long-term collaboration only confirms the impeccable technology which makes the daily life simpler. You can control your entire home by a single touch using any contemporary media.

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Kretanje je prirodna potreba svakog čovjeka, a vrijeme provedeno u rekreaciji izvan kuće danas cijenimo više nego ikad ranije. Dok se Vi bavite zdravijim životom, pametni sustavi misle umjesto Vas o struji, vodi, plinu, svjetlu, mraku, glazbi, filmu, biljkama, pa čak i o kućnim ljubimcima… Nevidljivom kontrolom gotovo svih aktivnih elemenata u Vašim domovima, od potrošnje energenata do upravljanja kućanskim aparatima, činimo Vaš dom ne samo udobnijim, već i sigurnijim i štedljivijim. Pri tome ne zaboravljamo na jednostavnost korištenja sustava. Moduli za upravljanje dizajnirani su po formuli „user friendly“, gdje gotovo intuitivno komande slijede jedna drugu. Absolute - pametni sustavi Absolute d.o.o., Storžička 21, 10090 Zagreb, Croatia, Europa Telefon: + 385 1 3457 526 centrala, Telefax: + 385 1 3435 245, e-mail: ponedjeljak 2014-01-01 08:00 - 2014-01-01 16:00 5 5 1 50 5 5 3 Absolute - pametni sustavi.